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Why AEGON Religare Term Life Insurance?

  • 1 Crore Life Insurance cover for Rs.6,200* only
  • Longest coverage of upto 75 yrs
  • Only Plan with Terminal Illness benefit
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"I have received the original policy document yesterday. It was a wonderful experience dealing with your organisation & you as well. I shall definitely recommend Religare''s products to my friends & colleagues."
Kinjal Barai,
Get an insurance cover of Rs.1Crore for Rs.6200 p.a

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AEGON Religare Term Insurance

A cover of 1 Crore for only

Rs. 6,200*

Longer coverage of upto

75 yrs
Covers all forms of death, even terrorist attacks

Buy iTerm online in 8 mins

Tax benefits on premium paid under Sec 80C will be applicable. Moreover, Death benefit is exempt from Tax under Sec 10(10D). Tax benefits are as per Tax Laws. Tax laws are subject to change.


AEGON Religare AD Rider

Accidental Death Benefit Rider – In case of an accidental death, this rider gives the nominee an additional payout (up to the rider amount selected) along with the sum assured.

AEGON Religare WoP on CI Rider

Waiver of Premium on Critical Illness Rider – If you were to fall prey to any of the major illnesses ( Cancer/Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery/ Heart attack/ Stroke) all future premiums will be waived off. This ensures that your term insurance policy benefits continue even in the absence of premiums.

AEGON Religare Women CI Rider

Women Critical Illness Rider – This rider is exclusively designed for women to provide superior coverage from critical illness and other risks that are specifically faced by them. On diagnosis of any of the illness / conditions stated, the benefit amount under the rider will be paid out as detailed:

Groups Conditions covered Platinum
Group 1 Malignant Cancer of the Female Organs 5% of the sum assured
Group 2 ( applicable only up to age 35 years)

Pregnancy Complications & Congenital Anomalies in Newborn Child

2.5% of the sum assured


Eligibility for Term Insurance

Sum Assured Minimum - Rs. 10,00,000 Maximum - No limit
(subject to underwriting requirements)
Entry Age Minimum - 18 years
Maximum - 65 years
Maturity Age 75 years
Policy Term Minimum - 5 years
Maximum - 40 years or upto age 75
Premium Pay Term Equal to the policy term
Premium Payment Frequency Annually/One Time

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 Customer Reviews

What our customers say about us:
Very Professional!
  by - Vijayarangam S, Chennai – (Manager) – SEBI
  I never thought it would be so easy and so accessible to contact people in an insurance company which does its business on the web. I appreciate the professional and quick service rendered by AEGON-Religare. Please keep it up
Super quick Service!
  by - Sanjay K Deshmukh (AVP) Citrix systems
  Purchased iTerm online on 12th June. Cover commenced on 15th June.
Interestingly on the same day I had also started the process to buy additional life cover with one of your competitors through their agent (I wanted to spread my risk across companies) and it’s been 3 weeks and we are still in the process of completing documentation.
I must congratulate you on setting up such infrastructure which makes customers life easier and your service effective. I work in the IT industry and hence appreciate this experience all the more. I am more than happy to be used as a reference in case you need to as I would love to share my experience with everyone
First buying experience!
  by - Harikrishnan Kodakara
  This was my first time buying a policy online and was not sure how it would go. But I am extremely happy with the process which turned out to be easy and had no hassles at all.
Everything was properly informed and followed up. I will surely recommend AEGON to my friends and family.. well few are already planning to sign up soon.
Once again.. thanks a lot for the great service
Definitely Recommended!
  by - Kinjal Barai (Ergologistics)
  I have received the original policy document yesterday. It was a wonderful experience dealing with your organisation & you as well. I shall definitely recommend Religare''s products to my friends & colleagues
Wonderful Experience!
  By – Nilesh Nayak
  It was a wonderful experience dealing with you and I am extremely happy with the service and quick response
Customer Delight!
  by - Amlan Chaoudhary
  Thank you for the excellent support from your end that kept on updating me on the process updates in real time till the issuance of policy, since application. This could be defined as "customer''s delight" in true sense
  by - Ravinder Saini
  I am impressed with your prompt reply. That speaks about the ethics of the company. Looking forward to have good association
High degree of Prefessionalism!
  by - Puneet Khanna
  Thanks for welcoming me to Aegon Religare family. I am impressed with high degree of professionalism exhibited by you and your team. Thanks, one more time, and all the very best
Happy customer!
  by - Sanjay Kumar
  I would like to thank you for the support and constant follow-up with your back end. I am a happy customer now!
Very Professional!
  by - Sadhna Kathal
  Your services are excellent. I appreciate the professionalism in your approach
What our existing customers had to say on being provided an upgrade
to the new iTerm plan:
Terrific customer service!
  by - Tanuj Kala
  This is indeed a terrific customer service in a world full of insurance companies that fool customers with bogus adverts. You have won a customer for life, who is going to recommend this plan to all his acquaintances
Thanks for the added coverage and additional benefits!
  by - Suresh Rani
  Yes I was really surprised at the very first moment but now I am delighted by the very fact that you guys are taking care of existing customers as well by providing extras for the same premium , this is quite a unique gesture
  by - Rajendra Bhat
  It is an amazing and unprecedented gesture , when Insurance companies today only believe in trapping a customer and being rigid about their terms thereafter . Pl convey my gratitude to your MD for such a bold decision
Thank you for upgrading my iTerm policy!
  by - Raghavendra
  I am delighted to receive the revised policy endorsement copy. This makes me feel proud to be associated with AEGON Religare. Wishing your team @ AEGON Religare continue to deliver innovative products and reach greater heights of success
Increased sum assured with same premium!
  by - Muniraja
  It is nice to know, with same premium we are getting an Increased sum assured
This is awesome!
  by - Pravin
  Infact I was realizing the coverage is insufficient. I am sure all the existing iTerm policy holders will concur with me when I say - I and my family are deeply indebted to you for this pro-active initiative. I wish your team, All the success! I for one will strongly encourage/influence my friends/relatives to enroll in the AEGON Religare products
I am enjoying with AEGON Religare!
  by - Krishna Patil
  I am delighted to get this news and impressed very much with your renewed policy terms. Looking forward for long term and healthy professional relationship with AEGON Religare and appreciate the kind of services
Best Luck AEGON Team!
  by - Amit Lad
  Am really happy with the way AEGON is taking care of there existing customers and giving them services . I hope we get the same services and correspondence in future too

 Terms and conditions

Terminal Illness
On diagnosis of any Terminal Illness, 25% of the base sum assured will be paid (max.of Rs.100 lacs) & the base sum assured will be reduced by an amount equal to the benefit paid under this clause.

Terminal Illness is defined as an advanced or rapidly progressing incurable & uncorrectable medical condition, which in the opinion of the treating physician is highly likely to lead to death within the next six months. An independent practicing medical consultant acceptable to the insurance company specializing in the relevant field of medicine also needs to certify with reasonable certainty that the life expectancy of the insured is less than six months at the time of notification. The insured must not be receiving any form of treatment other than palliative medication for symptomatic relief and must not have engaged in any gain full employment for the last 30 days. The insurance company must be notified of the diagnosis within 30 days of the same being made.
Grace period
You are allowed to pay term insurance premiums within 30 days from the premium due date. If a due premium is not received within the grace period of 30 days, your policy will lapse and the insurance cover will be ceased.
Death benefit, if payable during the grace period, will be reduced by the outstanding term insurance policy premium.
If death occurs due to suicide within one year from the date of inception of the policy or within one year from the date of reinstatement of the policy, the nominee or beneficiary shall be entitled to at least 80% of the premiums paid, provided the policy is in force.
Lapse and Reinstatement
If term life premiums are not paid before the expiry of the 30 day grace period from the premium due date, the policy will lapse. If you fail to reinstate a term plan within this two year period from the premium due date, the policy will terminate. On reinstatement, all outstanding premiums, without interest will be payable.
Sum Assured
No change in the Sum Assured is allowed during the policy term.
Service Tax
Service tax or any other tax shall be levied as per the prevailing tax laws on premiums or benefits payable



What is a term plan?

A Term Insurance Plan is a contract between the applicant and the Life Insurance Company, under which the applicant agrees to pay a certain amount of money(Premium) per year for a fixed period in order to receive a guaranteed amount of money (Sum assured) in the event of his death during the policy term, payable to the his nominee (any family member). Under a term insurance plan, the premiums are fixed for the policy tenure.

How does this work?

Who should buy Term Insurance?

Term insurance policies are best suited for working individuals who have dependents (Children, parents) and are looking for a considerable sum of protection against uncertainties of life (death) at fairly low prices.

Term insurance plans fulfill the basic purpose of any life insurance policy by providing financial security for the applicant and his family.

What is the difference between buying a Term Plan Online vs. Offline?

Today majority of the frequent fliers in India buy their Air tickets online directly and enjoy the same service as people who buy them offline.
The only difference lies in the purchase process. Similarly, the major difference between an online and offline term plan is the process of purchase and the secondary difference is that the online term plans are available at approximately 30 to 40 percent lower premiums compared to offline term plans. Offline term plans are costlier due to distribution costs associated with the same whereas, these costs are absent in an online term plan and as such the benefit of the same is passed on to the policy holders in terms of lower premiums.
All other benefits remain the same for both online and offline customers. The same service, benefits are applicable to both.

Why should I buy a life insurance policy if I am already insured under a group insurance scheme by my employer?

It is always prudent to buy an individual life insurance policy because
a. The amount of insurance you are covered for may not be a very large sum
b. If your employer decides on cost-cutting, you may no longer be insured
c. If you decide to leave your employer, you may no longer be covered
d. The older you are when you buy insurance, the higher is the premium you have to pay for the same insurance cover.

Why should you buy a Term Insurance Plan Online?

Buying a term plan online is one of the cheapest modes to buy insurance as it saves your time and money. With the arrival of e-commerce the world has moved ahead fast, competitively.

Online term insurance can be purchased in 09 minutes flat and in 3 simple steps. Simply enter your basic details like age, policy term that you wish to be covered for, Sum assured that you wish to apply for and calculate your premium. Then proceed to create an eQuote and fill in your basic details like employment, family, medical history and lifestyle details. Next you can make the payment through your credit/debit card or internet banking account and your application for term plan is completed.

For any queries/assistance call up the life insurance companies' helpline number listed on the website and clarify your concerns before making the purchase.

Is it safe to make payments online?

AEGON ensures that every transaction you conduct online is in a safe and secure environment. To achieve this, AEGON is protected by Secured Socket Layer (SSL) technology by VeriSign, the leaders in encryption technology. The process of encryption takes your credit card information and converts it into bits of code that are securely transmitted over the Internet. This scrambled data cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet. AEGON Religare doesn’t store any Credit/Debit card, Internet banking related information from the customer.

Why should you consider buying iTerm an online term plan from AEGON Religare?

AEGON Religare life insurance is the pioneer in online insurance and it introduced India's first online term plan in Oct'2009. Since then AEGON Religare have sold over 35,000+ policies online and continue to service customers on this platform directly.
• iTerm offers you the option of the longer term available under any term plan today.
• iTerm also offers you an inbuilt Terminal illness benefit at No extra cost.
• Cover against all forms of death, including terror attacks.
• Choice of 3 additional riders.
• Tax benefits under Sec 80C.

What is the amount of insurance cover that one should opt for?

An insurance agent will tell you that a good estimate for calculating your insurance amount should be 8-10 times of the gross yearly income of the insured. All though this a good rule of thumb but at the same time, is also an oversimplified way of calculation. This calculation does not factor in the life style or debts of the insured, as different people have varying lifestyle and different amount of debt to repay.

Use our simple and effective calculator to check your ideal insurance amount.

What should be the duration (term) of my policy?

Ideally, the term of your policy should be equal to the number of years your family will be dependent on you financially.

Who is a Nominee?

A nominee is a person who is eligible to receive the coverage amount from insurance policy in the event of death of the applicant.

What does my nominee receive after my death?

If death takes place during the term of the insurance policy, then the nominee receives the sum assured under the plan.

Will my premium amount change during the tenure of the policy after I have bought the plan?

Once the policy is issued, Premium will remain the same for the entire tenure of the policy. This is subject to service tax regulations as declared by the Government of India.

If I am travelling abroad for business/vacation will I be covered?

Once the policy is issued you are covered across the globe. Even in case you get an opportunity to work abroad the coverage shall be applicable.

If I reside abroad and I am working there for a couple of years after I purchase the plan will I be covered?

In case you are a frequent traveler to foreign locations, you need to just disclose the same in the form with respect to the ‘travel question'. You do not need to inform the company of your travel abroad unless you have already got an offer or work permit and are in the process of migrating while applying for the policy.

If I take the citizenship of another country after I purchase the plan will I be covered?

Post applying for the plan if one is travelling abroad or attains an NRI status, the cover from the term plan will still be applicable.

*The above premium is for a male 25 years old, non-smoker for a term of 20 years. Premium reflected are exclusive of Service Tax.
Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on risk factors, terms & conditions, please read the brochure carefully before concluding a sale.

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